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To go further, you need to activate some accessibility options. You can configure the iOS text-to-speech engine here as well, from the speed of the speech to the pronunciation it uses. Select any text on screen, and you get a new Speak option. It works everywhere from Safari to Mail, and the reading will even carry on as you switch to and use other apps on your phone.

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Some Bluetooth headsets include an app that will read incoming messages aloud, but you still have to tap the headset to respond. Text by Voice is a solid addition to Google's own Voice Actions, but you have to have it running for the app to help you, so remember to start it every time you get in the car. For more voice-activated and hands-free Android utilities, check out our list of Siri-like apps for Android. Do you have a preferred app that will send and receive text messages aloud?

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Let us know in the comments below. Sonalight Text by Voice. I say yes Assistant Settings , Android phone. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date.

Top 5 Apps to Help You Read Text Message Hands-Free

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If your still having issues please let us know the make, model and operating system version of the mobile device that your using and how is the assistant alerting you that you have messages? Original Poster. Thomas Lusto. The phone is Galaxy J3 with Oreo 8 operating system Google assistant tells me I have a message and asks if I want it read, I say yes, she says ok Platinum Product Expert James M. On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button or say "Ok Google.

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Under "Assistant devices," select your device. Pablo S. Same issue on my Note 9.

Google Assistant or "OK Google" was reading text messages aloud with no issue. Suddenly no more. I ask to read my last message or latest message and I get the response, "There aren't any new messages.

Not exactly a slouch of a phone. If I say ok Google. Amy Smith Thanks, Allan. This actually works for some weird reason. What is going on, Google?

1. Speaking Email

Lawrence Belisario. Assistant brings up my last text message when I ask for it then asks do you want o hear it or is that enough for now..

Reading Shanann’s Text Messages Out Loud

If I want assistant to read it I have to say "yes I want to hear it" I went through the solutions mentioned above and none of them applied to me. For about 6 months now Google Assistant has not read text messages and I try often.