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Dec 19, PM. Jul 14, AM in response to dyj95 In response to dyj Jul 14, AM. Jul 14, AM in response to Roy. Thong In response to Roy. Sep 12, AM in response to dyj95 In response to dyj I'm one of the developers for Decipher TextMessage, a program that will help you print your iPhone text message s. I've gotten feedback from many of our customers who use the software for that exact purpose, so I've spent some time adding features to help support using our printouts for court cases.

There's a plain-text printout export as well as a fancier export that you can use to print with the iPhone-like text bubbles and image previews.

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Everything includes the party names from your phone contacts as well as the phone number, so you should have all of the needed information on the printout. Sep 12, AM. Nov 21, AM in response to dyj95 In response to dyj An easy way to access and print text messages from iPhone is to email it to yourself. Tap the "Copy" button to copy the message text to the clipboard. Open the "Mail" app on your iPhone, enter your email address in the "To" field and then tap inside the message body text box and tap the "Paste" button when it appears to paste the contents of the text message.

You should note, though, that the time and date information does not transfer when you copy and paste the SMS message in an email.

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Nov 21, AM. An easy way to access and transfer text messages from iPhone is to email it to yourself. Mar 17, PM. May 28, PM in response to dyj95 In response to dyj Do we really need to use these apps? May 28, PM. Nov 9, PM in response to dyj95 In response to dyj To print iPhone messages. Nov 9, PM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: dyj95 dyj PS: My device is iPhone 5! More Less. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. I have an iphone and Mac.

Is this still a thing?

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The PDF will start printing at wherever you are in the message screen to the end. That can take a while. This technique preserves the imessage format and puts thumbnail images of any attachments. I have the ultimate way to save messages and more. There is an inexpensive software called PhoneView.

Install it as an application and it automatically and easily saves your iMessages and more when you connect your iPhone to your computer. Note: I have no connection with PhoneView software other than being an owner and user. I did figure this out for myself to make the screenshots. I then edit them to take out any part that is not needed. I then open Google drive, next: choose new, doc. I paste the screenshots in that new doc. Save it with a name, and file it. You can also make notes in that same doc for the screenshots come in as pictures,.

You can make them larger or smaller. From there it can be printed and saved as a PDF, and stored in files in Google or on your computer in the document file. They can be attached as any file and emailed to another person. I am a Real Estate agent. It is very important to have copies of important conversations to track a transaction. You left out the easiest method: select the desired text, copy it, and paste it into a text file. Repeat as many messages as you want. On a Mac, this is easy and fast.

They are talking about saving while preserving the format of the conversation. If you want to copy and paste, you can only copy the actual text of the messages, but not any information about who sent each and how many people were in the chat. That means you will later have to reconstruct the thread before you save. But the problem with copy and paste of messages is that it does not include the sender or the recipient.

Screenshots are the only way to truly preserve iMessages in any meaningful way, as goofy as that is.

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Convert to PDF or Doc x. BTW does anyone call iPhone messages as simply messages, iMessages, or text messages?

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I never know what to call them, I call them text messages still, but iMessage is theprotocol. Name required.

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